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MineCraft Server RULES Empty MineCraft Server RULES

Post  TDSrock on Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:07 am

1) Respect all other players.
1.1) Regardless of origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs or creed.
1.2) Building structures in front of someone's sea view is not very nice.
1.3) Must show respect to everyone regardless of server rank/staff rank.
1.4) You should avoid doing things that cause any kind of lag on the server, whether it's fast cycling redstone, excessive mobs (generally >30 of a type) in your grinder or farm, giant piles of TNT going off at once or 1000s of amounts of items laying around. Also while we don't require this be the only server you play on, constantly talking about and praising other servers where you regularly play we see as recruiting for other servers, and that's hugely disrespectful to both TDSrock and the community.

2) Don’t build offensive structures IE dicks, swastika's, burning crosses... ect.
2.1) Or anything that can be deemed offensive (example: Signs telling someone off.)

3) No hacking.
3.1) No Flymods, Xrays, server/client side position modifiers, teleporters, god-modes, auto attackers. admins are aloud to us the tools given to them in the server to catch these players.
3.2) The use of X-ray or mineral detection through the use of Texture packs or 3rd party addons is strictly forbidden.
3.3) Abusing bugs and glitches, even if it's a problem with vanilla minecraft, also falls as a violation of this rule.

4) No Griefing.
4.1) This includes destroying buildings and structures, trampling crops intentionally, causing damage to the world, performing actions deemed prohibited by the staff.

5) DO use your head!
5.1) Above all else, if you can do something that seems wrong, it doesn't mean that it's ok, it just means that we haven't taken time to fix it yet. If we do have to take several hours to change something that people are abusing, that is probably going to make us extremely unhappy with those people, and they will probably not enjoy the results. *ehem* banhammer ;-)

6) Survive!
6.1) Just have fun!

**The staff team is not required to show evidence to you in the event of a ban. However it can be requested in the event of a dispute.**

Admins Creed:
Do NOT! abuse your power/commands in any way shape or form, and follow all other rules.
Going into greater detail
1. do not use ANY commands that alter the game WHILE players are in game. Also includes Spawning creeps, changing time of day, changing downfall and more.
2. do NOT supply anyone with free gifts from the MineCraft gods, you may assist them using MOD tools given to you (IE MC edit) but at a cost, say you placed 100 blocks of cobble for them, make them give you 300 cobble blocks (or just take it)
3. DO Jail people when they are HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS to have broken ANY of the Rules
jailing them will give you an easier time to check the chest they own and to look around there base, also it will make it easy to conduct reaserch like : /enderchest <username>. be sure to note the jail is a temporary notice while the investigation is ongoing. if nothing is found BE SURE to apologise to the player ( and give him an item per compensation, depends on time of research. TDS ROCK ONLY!)
4. Be sure to Review AND store all screenshots made and the write out a file. the file MUST contain: the complaint/rule broken(even if it is just a hunch) ; Any screenshots submitted ; End decision

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MineCraft Server RULES Empty Re: MineCraft Server RULES

Post  xShineyThighx on Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:38 am

Good post. *thumbs up*

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